Gary Lippman's friend and webmistress, Carla Alpert, has done lots of other cool stuff besides designing and implementing  She is the co-founder and co-CEO of a wonderful company, PROUDgirls, Inc,, and its website,   This site unites girls and women with a common goal--to embrace one's unique beauty and individual strengths to make a difference in one's life, community and the world.   Carla also runs a design studio specializing in marketing and promotional materials which can be found at   Oh, and Carla has a cool sister, Supercali, who is one of Lippman's friends and favorite people.   Cali has taken Lippman to Burning Man, twice, and puts the lotion in his motion.   Supercali's wonderful photographs can be found at and her existential hippie blog can be found at http://blog.calisquestioncafe.     Oh, and Carla and Cali have a mutual husband, Magic Alex, who is also Lippman's friend but doesn't check his email enough.